Advice and Coaching

Take a walk through your garden with a qualified Horticulturist and Landscape Designer.

With an onsite consultation, we can help with planning and design ideas, diagnosing problems in your garden, providing treatment suggestions, we can coach you on gardening techniques and strategic ways to make your garden more sustainable and require less work.

Maintenance Plans

A good maintenance plan will save you time and money, preventing problems before they happen and ensuring that maintenance is done in the most efficient and effective way.

We have created a month-by-month maintenance plan which we customise to suit your garden, plants and local conditions.  We take great measures to make our plans realistic so that you are more likely to apply them and spend time discussing plans to adjust them to your lifestyle.

We also offer a coaching package which can assist you with practical skills, knowledge and products to use.


See our Workshops section on dates and details of our gardening workshops.

Plan your Vegetable Garden

We can provide you with an easy-to-follow system to run a productive garden – with easy to follow steps, clarity in what materials and products to buy, when to use it and how, seasonal planting and maintenance guides and tips and tricks to keep things healthy.

This can also include installation, maintenance and seasonal reminders, as well as bed rotation systems and companion planting.  Contact Us…