We love transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional places that people love to live in…spaces that invite them in like a well deserved holiday.

Working with us is a collaborative process – we create individually tailored designs for each of our clients..  Our projects range from small gardens and courtyards, to large and high end residential properties, strata units, hotels, commercial spaces, rural properties, nature play for schools and community groups. In all of our projects, we work hard to capture the vision and goals that are unique to each client and their project.

Garden Insight has a fresh approach to design, fusing beautiful aesthetics, practical function and strong horticultural knowledge.

Our professional design services include:

  • Concept development
  • 3D modelling
  • professional drafting
  • planting plans
  • Construction drawings and planning approvals


We are committed to ensuring that each of our projects, large or small, capture the vision and goals of our Clients, using a collaborative approach to concept development. 

Each design is individually created.  Working with your vision for the space, we bring our expertise to develop a design that considers the overall balance and feel, as well as practical aspects such as existing architecture, aspect, function, flow of movement, local environment, contours, drainage, budget, maintenance and long term viability – so that your finished product warrants your investment, looking great in years to come.  


Your final plans will be provided in top view, to scale with a full set of dimensions, design specifications, material selections and planting schedule ready for quoting and planning.

3D packages will also include 3D images of your design in addition to your set of plans. Structural and Engineering drawings for building/planning approvals are arranged as part of our project managerment and installation service.

Recommendations will be provided for preparing your site to increase the long term health of your new garden and reduce ongoing maintenance. 


Our 3D design is our most popular design tool as this provides a clear vision for all parties involved from planning, decision making and contruction stages.

You will have the opportunity to view your design concepts in 3D, and provide visual input into the design.  3D packages include quality renders of key areas in your design and walkthrough videos – a useful tool in stakeholder engagement and funding proposals.


Our planting plans are designed with horticultural knowledge, ensuring that plant choices suit both your aesthetic vision and the local environment for long term success of your investment.