Hey mini growers!

At Garden Insight we LOVE our garden and we LOVE helping kids LOVE their gardens too.

Growing food is the perfect place to start; it’s easy and provides YUMMY rewards instantly.

Here you’ll find tips on:
• the easiest things to grow
• growing your favourites (even some of the trickier ones)
• building a kid-friendly patch and getting started
• choosing the right soil (important!).

We also have some fun activities for you to try.

Let’s get started!

Veggie patch basics:
Where to put your veggie patch
• What to plant when
• Companion planting
• Crop rotation
• Top 5 easy growers for each season

More advanced topics:
• Protecting plants from harsh sunshine (coming soon)
• Pests and weeds (coming soon)

Fun activities for Budding Gardeners:
• Sprout your own seeds
• Create a mini worm farm
• Grow a stack of strawberries (coming soon)

So… why grow your own veggies when you can get them at the shops?

The BIGGEST reason is that you can eat them straight off the plant and they’re SO much tastier!
And, if that’s not enough:

READY TO PICK = READY TO EAT. Most shop-bought fruit and veg are picked before they are ripe which means they haven’t had time to fully pack themselves with the sugars and tastiness they would naturally have.

FRESHLY PICKED = MORE NUTRIENTS. Nutrients break down over time, so the shorter the time between harvesting and munching, the more nutrient-packed goodness you’ll get.

NO NASTIES. By growing your own food you can avoid eating nasty chemicals that are often applied to shop-bought fruit and veg to control bugs and fungus.

Growing your own food is REWARDING, FUN, and GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL.

**If your school is part of the Health Ninjas program, these gardening activities will count towards your next ninja belt. A-ya! Health Ninjas is an exciting new primary school-based program that helps kids make smarter choices and take charge of their health.**