We LOVE the outdoors. Gardens, trees, veggies, dirt, bugs..all of it.

Whats more, we love beautifully designed, healthy gardens, and outdoor spaces that are really used and loved by their owners.

Spaces that reflect the way a person wants to live – that invites them in like a well-deserved holiday.

Everything we do is with heart, passion and integrity.

To us, outdoor spaces represent freedom, space, living, life, connection with the real world. That’s what we love to create when we design a garden. A space that reminds you to be you.



Kylie Brinfield – Designer, Director, Horticulturist, Project Co-ordinator and wielder of the magical gardening wand.

Kylie is an award winning designer with a passion for creative, refreshing design, gardening, travel and science  – all balled together to create beautiful, inspired, functional outdoor spaces.

She is a qualified Landscape Designer, Horticulturist, has a degree in Microbiology and Molecular Biology (thus a keen interest in soil science and plant health!), and has qualifications in Conservation and Land Management, Project Management and Workplace Training.   With a background in corporate Project Management, she is an asset to have on your team.

Norman Brinfield – Construction and installation advisor, welder, carpenter and furniture craftsman.

Norm is a meticulous tradesperson with 30 years’ experience in all things building and renovating, landscaping, house modifications and renovations, building fit outs and property maintenance.  He is a qualified wood machinist, ran his own renovations company for 15 years, and now supports our design and installation teams with his invaluable construction knowledge and eye for detail.   He also comes up with some great ideas and creative solutions for our designs!