Building a New Veggie Patch?

Loads of people are thinking about setting up a new vegetable garden right now. The first step for you may be where is the best place to put your patch to get the healthiest vegetables and fruit!

Choosing the right place for your vegetable garden really makes a difference. Especially with respect to the speed that your plants grow, the amount of food they produce, their health and how much maintenance you have to do. SO a bit of pre-planning is a good idea.

The location of choice will vary from place to place – Northern / Southern hemisphere, West / East, Hills, Coastal – there are a few variables to consider depending where you live.

For our locals here in Perth, we are very lucky to have mild sunny winters. Our hot spells during summer will bake most veggies, even the Mediterranean full sun plants like tomato and capsicum. So we do need some sun protection for our plants especially in the middle of the day in summer.

A lot of the same principals will apply everywhere though. Non-perth people don’t feel like you should stop here – read on! >>>

Where is the best place to plant Vegetables in Perth

  1. In winter which we’re heading into now, an all day sunny spot is fine
  2. The best location for a permanent vegetable bed is one with lots of morning sun, and less afternoon sun – add shade cloth during summer if this is not possible.
    • This applies to most veggies – even full sun loving tomatoes & capsicums will burn in the midday sun during our 35+deg heat waves
    • Too much shade however will slow the growth of many sun loving veggies meaning less to harvest and more pest problems
    • Directly next to a south facing wall (the shady side for the Southerners) or under a full shade tree is probably not the best spot as there just wont be enough sun
    • A deciduous tree to the north/west of a veg patch is great as it blocks the afternoon sun and allows winter sunlight through.

+ If you can…

  1. Plant away from Eucalypt trees – put weed mat under the bed if this is not possible (especially for the hills folk)
  2. Some protection from strong winds is a good idea too. For example if you’re on a hill and get strong hot easterlies/whipping westerlies. The same applies for frosty places.

+ For Convenience…

  • Put your veggie bed close to the house/kitchen/entry path so you can easily keep watch on it/tend to it/take your pickings for dinner
  • Make sure you have easy access to your patch by wheelbarrow so you can get soil to it easily
  • Put plants that need more space or that you need to harvest less/look after less further away from the house. Eg watermelon, plum tree.  Lettuce, herbs etc you’re likely to use regularly – put them close to your kitchen.

Feel free to plant veggies and fruit throughout your garden however!. There is no need to be too formal about this at all. Sweet potatoes are a fabulous ground cover. Parsley looks great in an ornamental garden. Strawberries look great as a border plant!

More help?

I will be posting regular blogs over the next few weeks to help with your veggie growing. Next…Raised or Ground Level

If you would like a personal consult or more specific information for your property/soil/plants or just need some general face to face gardening help, you can book a gardening consult with me – go to our contacts page to book.

Our gardening consults are very affordable and will boost your gardening prowess in no time! I can either do video consultations or visit your garden in person (with physical distancing measures in place for now)

Happy Harvesting!